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Cat Hook

"We specialize in Customer Service"








We will never share your information with others.

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Located in

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



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The reason why I have low shipping charges:

I have chosen this method of payment over the shopping cart system because, I am able to calculate the shipping charges more precisely, and it allows me to offer my items with a no minimum order restriction. I do like the ability to interact with my customers. I feel there is far less problems when you do.

I love to use PayPal for my payments because it is fast and secure. But it doesn't allow me to enter the products by weight to figure the shipping charges precisely.

I try very hard to do everything I can to keep shipping charges to a minimum.  I do not want to make money on shipping charges like so many do.  But since I have such a wide variety of products it is just impossible to calculate correct shipping charges unless I can actually weigh your order. 

I don't lose money and you don't pay unnecessary shipping charges.  And we can both be happy.  :)



To Place your order


Email me the following from the RED order button below.

Include the following: ( copy and paste in email if you like)

       1. Quantity

       2. Item #

       3. Listed online price

       4. Shipping Address- I must have to calculate shipping charges.


       6. optional- your phone #   

( I will only phone you if emails are returned for some reason and I have no other way to reach you)

        7. If ordering large platter hangers or other non standard   items it is helpful to have the measurements and weight if possible. And tell me how you wish to hang them on the wall.  The hangers grip from top to bottom when on the wall. 

So if the platter is 12" x 17" and you want to hang it with the long side running horizontal the most important measurement is the 12" as that is what it will be gripping. 

If you want to hang it with the long side vertical then the 17" would be the most important as that is what the hanger will grip. 

       8.   I do not accept orders outside of USA any longer.









I will return to you by email:

       1. confirmation that items are in stock

       2. TOTAL (including shipping charges)

       3. Order #

       4. Payment Options and Instructions

Note: I ALWAYS return my emails so if you have not heard back from me that means  I either did not receive your email or you have not received mine back.  (sometimes that happens)

REMEMBER: If you have your email set to only accept emails from people you know. I cannot reach you unless you change it to accept emails from me. (you would be surprised at how often that happens)

Normally I return emails with in 24 hours or sooner. And usually it is much sooner than 24 hours.

Questions?  check the [faq's] page





  Order or request information from the Red Order button.


The Red button is set to work with outlook express email.  If you use another email program just use the address that is on the button above to contact me and place your order or quote. 

I will return your email promptly.

Have a Great Day!  Pat

If you do not hear back from me promptly use the email below

(Secondary email if you should have problems reaching me from the above account on the red button.  Hooks and Hangers  Use this email ONLY if you are having problems with the primary email account on the red order button above.)





After you receive my email back with pricing and details.

Return to this site and pay

from the SECURE BUY NOW button below.

All payments are processed through PayPal.



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