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flower plate on white wall

This just looks so clean and crisp. Looks like a magazine cover.

green plates on red wall

 I think this is just outstanding.


 # 8 used to hang coke trays

Used to hang coke trays


Use spring hangers to hang baskets.

Use spring hangers to hang baskets.


Damaged door becomes piece of art.       

Donna did an outstanding job of converting a damaged door to a piece of art by adding mirrors and using the single bird hooks. The doors are just too cute for words.

Great Job!

Displaying pottery over stove   Using item 410-B and 430-B

The 410-B was used in the center and two item # 430-B was used on each side to display pottery.  Very nice.

Displaying laquer tray.    Hang your laquer tray for all to see.

Hang a lacquer tray out for all to see.



Susan used our plate hangers to make a wonderful wall grouping with her trays.

display antique hand mirrors

Regina used plate hangers to hang her collection of antique hand mirrors. 

Just adorable!

hang a swag

Frances used the acorn hooks to hang her curtains.  Beautiful!


Display we love our Grandma platter.

Pamela displayed  her adorable GRANDMA platter with the # 8 platter hanger.

(platter size is 11" x 15")


Baskets hung with monkey hooks

Judy used the H-404 Monkey Palm hook to hang baskets on the wall. 

Love it!!! Great Idea!!

Extra large Pottery bowl stand

27-A  extra large bowl stand was used for a fantastic display.

The bowl measures 13-1/2" across by 6" deep. 

Carissa was excited to  find a stand that was finally heavy enough not to tip over.


Italian Glass Art

Gerri used the #9 platter hanger to hang a gorgeous 17.5" Italian glass art piece.



Displaying Art Tiles 

The #8 platter hanger was used to display hand painted tiles at art show.

 A Wal-Mart chip and dip tray was hung on the wall to solve the problem of storage.

Pottery Chip/Dip Tray displayed This chip/dip tray weighs 2# 15.2 oz.

#8 Platter hanger was used.


Butter pat collection was hung to make a border. 

Butter pat border #5 butter pat hangers were used



The #8 platter hanger was used for collection of Halloween pie plates

Pumpkin Pie plates #8 platter hanger was used

   # 430 B was used for pottery bowls that are 9 1/2" across and 2 1/2" deep

Trio of pottery plates      Pottery plates view 2

Extra Large Platter displayed

Display oversized pieces of art pottery.

Using bunny hooks

Used the bunny hooks for child's room.


Metal Butterflies displayed

The butter pat hangers were used to display collection of metal butterflies.

4 plates display

To show off collection of butterfly plates.

Collage of plates various sizes

Outstanding display of assorted plates.

Snack tray and small platter

Hanging odd shaped plates is a great look.

Square plates displayed

Displaying square plates.

Triple plate display

Displaying a trio of plates.

Raku Pottery Bowl

The # 410-B hanger was used as a stand to display the large Raku pottery bowl.


Mytholgical plate

Another art pottery plate is displayed with the #9 Extra Large hanger.


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